Leap Motion -> Translate / Rotate -> Inverse Kinematics -> publish joint angles -> InMoovArm -> gain + phase shift of angles -> Servo   Woo Hoo ....  End to end functionality.


Leap Motion + Inverse Kinematics + WebGUI !




I've been starting in at exposing the leap motion controller in the new webgui for MRL.  Below is a video for the current progress.  

There's one comment that currently if the leap motion only detects one hand, it sends the same data to the left/right hand at the same time.  So, there's one point in the video where my left hand goes out of screen and the x positon jumps from negative to positive.  This is the reason why.  Anyway enjoy!







Oh yeah. and this video was taken from Larry's eye.  (Larry is an inmoov with a fisheye camera.  The fish eye lense makes it so that the face of the inmoov is very visible.  I have cut away from the default face plate of the inmoov to help avoid the inmoov cheaks in the field fo vision.


7 years ago

Congratulations Larry for the camera work, the leap looks incredibly sensitive to position changes. Looking forward to seeing this progress.