Found a nice wiring reference of the Kinect - since I seemed to have misplaced my power adapter - but have lots of usb cables and a 12V supply... I'll roll my own..

Reference :


5 years 10 months ago


Sweety is powered by a 12v lead acid  batterie . I wonder if kinect need 12v or it there's a voltage regulator inside . So maybe i'll be able to power the kinect from the battery


Hi Beetle,

12v is a requirement - I suspect it drives the infrared projector, which is integral for gettin depth.  I believe it does have a internal regulator.

Here is a project where the have connected it :

I've used a scope on an OEM kinect wall wart power supply, and it was a "very" noisy supply (again this would suport the Kinect sensor having its own internal regulator)

Good luck !