Got my first samples working for the Kinect by installing Freenect. 

There are some great routines to run with the OpenNIv2.2 packages that come on the Ubuntu Robotics Edition for Odroid. The only problem is that kinect drivers are no longer included in newer versions of OpenNI. On the Odroid forums the maker of this Os distro suggested using the drivers from the OpenKinect Project, and I went though installation and saw some success tonight. 

I followed the installation instructions at

and have yet to try any other demos but the GLView demo. Lots of stuff on the Open Kinect Gallery looks fun ( but I'd really like to hold out and see what we can make w/ MRL for plantoids, mapping, and all sorts of good stuff. 

Speaking of.... Here's the guts of a slowly forming new plantoid. I hope that with the mini projector, kinect, and NIR webcam, we can get some cool mapping with interactive projections of the NIR data. Kinda like a botanist, garden tending plantoid 3D mapper. :)

His name us Custos Mundus, the Guardian World, and though barely in the making, I'm really excited about this design already. Many challenges to the plantoid way of life are being taken on by Custos, and lessons learned from trial and error,not to mention desired features are being addressed with this build. 




9 years 3 months ago

Way to forge ahead DJ !  
Sad about the kinect drivers .. wonder if m$ dropped their support.. bummer..  
Excited about the holy SLAM grail !


9 years 3 months ago

using MRL to interface with this, Grog?  I'm all ears and Custos is available to play on.


9 years 3 months ago

I'm going to get some end of the semester writing out of the way and try connecting my Xtion today.  If I'm not mistaken, Murrman already included the drivers.  Is this project going to be using any sort of effector output DJ?

OH--did you get one of those IO boards?  Now that I took a good look at it, I see it's a PIC on breakout board with a USB interface.


9 years 3 months ago

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I know I might be missing out on some interesting stuff not using the available IO on the ordroid, but I don't have much reason in the short term. Maybe soon after Custos is a bit more assembled..