Kinect Directional Microphones

This is just for info to bring attention to the possibility of using a Kinect sensor as a direction sound source finder.

It appears that the Kinect has a 4 microphone array on board, from what I gather one purpose is to cancel out background noises.

As the picture shows above its able to do differential sound location.

The Gui above comes from the    Kinect for windows SDK  V1.7 (>developer toolkit browser > audio basics WPF) (V1.8 also works), I am using the basic windows for xbox drivers to talk to Kinect sensor.

These are the drivers that poped up on my Windows 8.1 device manager :-

A couple of the examples in the SDK kit actually save the waveform as a .wav file (so can be picked up and processed by other applications)

Extras :- Kinect Audio Basics

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Thanks for the great demo

Thanks for the great demo Gareth ...
I've been interested in sound localization for a while..  seems very effective and relatively easy if you can navigate through the vendor & driver mire ! :)

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A bitĀ of time ago I found

A bit of time ago I found other resource at; at those time I was wondering if a couple of preamplified mics connected to an audio line in would be gone well.