Kinect 360 Google Chrome and WebKitRecognition

Hello, hello, hello,
I personaly do not use the mics of the kinect, but someone on the InMoov forum is having the same issue.
So I am reporting an issue regarding using the microphone of the kinect 360 with Chrome and Webkitrecognition.
Using the Kinect360 with Windows10, SDK 1.8, MyRobotLab 2693,  gets a "no microphone found" in Chrome.
Although the kinect microphone is correctly detected and selected in Google Chrome.
For security check, all other microphones are disabled in "Device Manager"
But after launching START_ INMOOV.bat, no microphone found in localhost:8888 EAR.

Any idea what could be the issue?

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Hi !!!  It's like kinect

Hi !!!  It's like kinect microphone is now black listed inside chrome, not sure.

I tried a workarround few time ago to get this thing worky, but a classical directionnal microphone ( amplified or not ) is really better...


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May not be the issue but.

When i was playing with the I2S Microphones on the Raspi, I discovered that Chrome and WebKit were very picky with regards to the sample rate coming from the microphone.

I was able to get MRL to record audio from the I2S mic's and play it back, but WebKit didn't want to recognize them at all.

After a lot of digging, it turns out the WebKit has a very limited number of bit rates that it will accept audio at, and the Raspi I2S mics did not support any of the allowed bit rates.

I suspect, the same thing may be occurring with the Kinect Microphones, the ones in my connect look just like an I2S device.

This may be a device driver problem with the Raspi, but in the Kinect, it would be a firmware issue.

In the end I have not yet found a solution for the I2S problem on the Raspi and am looking at alternative technologies other than the WebKit to solve the problem, these investigations however are still in the early stages as I still have a lot to learn about neural networks....


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Thanks guys for the

Thanks guys for the feedback.

I will re-post your answers on the InMoov forum.

Guess for now kinect microphone is out of use for whom ever wants to try with WebKitRecognition.

It's good to know.