Junior can read!

I will write up how this MAGIC all worked but check it out... It WORKS!

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Ahahah .. yes awesome magic

Ahahah .. yes awesome magic ;)

It be nice to post diagram (ie go to the gui tab and spread out all the little boxes - the screenshot and post the pictures)

There a tesseract service if I remember correctly, and a filter in OpenCV .. are you using the filter ?

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The short answer is, Yes!

I instantiate the opencv filter but interact with it directly like a service. It seems to work easier to use capture frame which returns the image file name and then tesseract.ocr([image file name]) which return a text string of the identified words and the feed it in to MarySpeech.
I will work on some screenshots and attempt to upload some more code. Thanks!

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I love it ! Do you think

I love it ! Do you think tesseract can parse other languages ?

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Good Question Moz!

It is just recognizing characters, it doesn't really care what the characters spell. I am guessing if it has patterns for the characters then it should be able to "read" it. I will look in the documentation on tess4j I am guessing it is not English only.