Joystick control of the Inverse Kinematics service

Here's a quick demo.  I have added joystick input support to the InverseKinematics service.  It seems to be doing what I want it to..  enjoy!


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this is very interesting!

this is very interesting! Good work

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Got to see it with audio ...  Awesome !

So your experience joystick "pile up" ? - and the pileup occurs on the json going back to the webgui ?

The amount of changing display data is really "not that much" as far as the graphics - 5 lines to redraw right?  Perhaps the numerical data / logging is overloading it ?   I had a similar issue with the Arduino oscope - initially I thought it was the traces, but it turned out that I had subscribed to much more than was needed to the display.  I susbcribed to every byte, every codec converted byte, and to graph data :P  Once I removed the subscriptions I did not need, performance was better.

Really nice to see these updates kwatters !