ohh today I'm lost in deep mrl.
I m sure someone here can help me to do a clean thing.

Curently playin with vinmoov to use it as a optional main read only interface.

I started to add some functions to update things from an other service , it is messy, I think I can optimise that.
What I want is access published informations from other services in realtime.

In most case from python or inmoov.java I use with success :


but inside InMoov3DApp I cant

Need to find to good method to call ear service ( and others ) and enable subscribe(ear.getName(),"function"); (  )

I have tried a lot of things like import speechreco interface etc ...no success

( I updated webkitspeech to publish real microphone status )

thank guys !


5 years 7 months ago

Hi Anthony

Yes, the InMoovDApp is not a service, but a jme3 app inside MRL

But nothing should block you to create a service that manage InMoov3DApp. That's what I did in InMoov and IntegratedMovement. The InMoov service is listening  so some published stuff and give it to the Jme3 app. Remember to use tread-safe variable when passing stuff to jme3app