Jaw No Wokry :c

Hey so i got all of the servos and stuff working with the new update (which is awesome btw good job on that)


the jaw/mouthcontrol or whatever is not working for me;

first off, the program is not sending any signal to the jaw servo, 

secondly, when i connect the jaw servo to another pin like the pinky pin and control it with the pinky servo gui, it works, but when i connect it to, say pin 7 where there is nothing, and try to control it with the jaw servo gui, it does not move

but the main thing i'm worried about is the code not sending signal to the jaw servo at all

i did like

mouth = inMoov.startMouth()
mouthControl = inMoov.startMouthControl(headPort)
^ is that right?
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Pin 7?

I think the default is pin 26 according to the hardware map here - http://myrobotlab.org/service/InMoov

have you tried pin 26?  - you could manually change it after starting the head

mouthControl.jaw.detach() # if its attached
mouthControl.jar.attach() # re-attach

should be good

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Yeah i had to change the pin

Yeah i had to change the pin to pin 7 because i'm only using two unos instead of megas so i only have 19 usable out pins on each 

ill try those lines of code tomorrow and will let you know how it goes

i still dont know why it wouldnt try to send signal to the servo even when the program thought it was still attached to pin 26

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it should have ... its

it should have ... its working currently with my mega & attaches on pin 26... pin 26 dead?

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also, is there a way to

also, is there a way to change the voice to male?

just a little blip :)

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move your audioFile directory

move your audioFile directory to another location with all its cached female mp3 files

then run this line in your script somewhere after creating mouthControl



I believe its male, but there is a limit on number of requests - then a timeout before you use it again...
after awhile though your male voice cache will build


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yeah i have no idea what i'm

yeah i have no idea what i'm doing...

I made pin 12 open on the right arduino so i tried and setting the pin to that

is this right?

mouthControl = inMoov.startMouthControl("COM5")

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Try this...

i01 = Runtime.createAndStart("i01","InMoov")
mouthControl = i01.startMouthControl("COM5")
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Still not worky...

tried it, 

still not sending signal to the jaw servo for some reason.

is there a newer version that i should be using or something?

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Same Problem

I have the same problem. Everything is working fine, but pin 26 for using the jaw will give no signal. I use the latest version of the InMoov software and for the left side an arduino mega. I can not attach the servo. the servo works fine on evry other pin.

Has someone asolution?