Intro Service is Born

1. Cool highlighting - who did it ?
2. Interesting - it did replace the right content, but I don't think the content is appropriate.  I think it should probably step through with text the process of, 

  • Starting a Serial service in mrl (and what that means)
  • Have a way to switch to the serial service gui and switch 'back' ... I guess we need some form of history ....
  • The borders borders appear to go on for full length/width of screen, they should adjust to only fit the content within.

Always nice to see updates...

I'm still working on trying to find a very easy and fast way to work without eclipse.  Doing this exposes bugs, which take time to fix...


The Intro Service has been born.  It should help considerably in the functionality of doing tutorials without adding stuff to the webgui service.

The folder structure under /resource after mrl starts up for the first time should be a folder for each service.
Our goal is to contain all of the material related to a service in its appropriate service. 


Unfortunately, the main icon of a service is a 48x48 image located in the root of /resource/{service name}.png We cannot change this at the moment it will break too many things.  
However, for all new material of a service it should go :

/resource/{service name}

So, for the Intro service - all stuff that comes with that service should be in

These items will be accessable through the web with a reference like this

<img src="../Intro/img/newImage.png"/>

Same goes for all services.


With a new Intro service, it can have scripts or functionality which will help walk through tutorials.  







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Good idea to move from WebGui

Good idea to move from WebGui to relocate into Intro.

I have moved all files and images to make sure it is all linked again.

Here now I just added some more tutorials. These are just the base, we certainly need to improve them, but at least if someone clicks on the buttons it leads to something.

An exemple for the Arduino tuto with embedded media video (video of Mats)

The explanation of what is MRLComm.ino is a phrase given by kwatters to some user on the InMoov forum some years ago...

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Hardware version of Servo Tutorial

I'm trying to create a switch that will switch the image and the virtual property of mrl
So that one can run the tutorial in 2 modes "real hardware" or "virtual"

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Hello Grog, the difference

Hello Grog,

the difference between real and virtual is often a source of confusion. The users has everything connected but the servos don't move because they are in Virtual.

It's an important step in your tutorial that needs to indicate the purpose of each function.

Maybe have on the button a title='explaning what is is the purpose of virtual VS realhardware"