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IntegratedMovement service visualized with jmonkey


I have replace the drawing with mesh. I still have to do some adjustment as the movement seem to be a bit offset but progressing



In the last days, I have been trying to have the IntegratedMovement service be able to compute multiple arms position at the same time and add visualization with jmonkey. Also, with the recent improvement in the mrlcomm communication, I have been able to try a different approach

so here what the robot think he look like in IntegratedMovement service




Here's the code used for that video

#moving servo normally
#moving servo with ik
#moving both arm at the same time
#leftArm to hold position
Moving the servo individually with servo.moveTo() or with the slider render very well to jmonkey. With ik computation, it make it more choppy and I probably still need to adjust thing so it move more smoothly. 
While I still have a lot of work to do, I'm happy with how thing take shape

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Yo do magic, congrats wizard.

Yo do magic, congrats wizard. I will test it

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the post was mostly to show

the post was mostly to show the work in progress, not really ready yet to be use. Still need to do clean out and I have no example script yet (setting have been done in the main() method of the service and my previous script is out of date)


Since my initial post, I have fix the choppiness problem and now trying to improve the rendering to jmonkey by using inMoov mesh


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Rock Solid Calamity !!  
Looks Great !

This is really exciting :D