The question is in the title : Is it possible to install services from a local repo ?

My mother lives out of the city, and her internet speed is very low. I've installed MRL on her computer to show her my robot. I've just copyed my folder MRL at home and paste it on her computer to avoid the slow download. And i thinked " To have a fresh install, it could be nice to be able to install services from a local folder " .. So i ask ! lol

And it can help to install MRL on many computer at home without donwload each time all the repo.

While writing this message, i think maybe it just need to paste the repo folder and edit repo.json to replace all false by true ...



5 years 5 months ago

Beetle !

Yep .. you got it 

Running by jar is different than running by eclipse IDE..

by jar - all the jars of the repo are downloaded and installed into "libraries/jar" - but there are other dependencies which are installed in different locations..

If you want a transportable set of files - then just do an install or mrl on a fast connection - and update the myrobotlab.jar .. usually I tell noobies NOT to do this, because there is a chance that the repo changes - and potentially make problems - but you are not a noobie ;)

if you are going to run through the ide - do a clone on a fast connection and use it.

But you basically answered your own question :D