Inside InMoov's Head

InMoov's head ... lots of spagetti in there :)
Anyway - there seems to be some issues with mouth control and the jaw servo - there were too many services and not enough hardware ...

Hopefully its ironed out.   I think there needs to be another way to display all this stuff (preferrably on the web) so we can see all the routes and messages.  This seems a bit crowded and it doesn't even have the left and right arms/hands/fingers.

The verbos naming convention is with DNA (Description of Neighboring Autonoma).  The inmoov service in this case is named i01 .. but from that everything has a structured name - and you can see the hierarchy.  Only runtime & gui are not a i01 sub-service.

Here it looks a little more ordered.  i01 is on top of the heap - then i01.head...  hmmm

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hairygael's picture

WOWWW! That's why I rarely go


That's why I rarely go through the GUi window, it just scares me.

All that said, I think we might need under tab settings at some point, because there is now a lot of tabs, and in your screen shots, you don't even have the arms yet!!

Good work, it's incredible!