Got my InMoov built and can control right hand and arm servos with InMoovArm and InMoovHand after selecting board and ComPort

Wanted to create a gesture with the InMoovGestureCreator but am stuck as I can not make the servos move.
As of the documentation I start InMoovGestureCreator and then InMoov. I select right hand and arm and can add the list of servos positions into the right window.
Nothing happens when I press Connect, Test or when activating MoveRealTime and adjust the sliders.
I assume I have a missing step that connects the Creator with the machine?


7 years 5 months ago


I don't know what is wrong and since I don't own an InMoov I can't test if it still works. Maybe you want to send a noworky?

Also I do not know if I get the time to look into it in the next 14 days. After that I have plenty of time.

A few links that might help you:

- the service page:

--> here you can find detailed information on the functions, a basic usage guide, a functions map & a few links

- the previous post:…

--> some (mostly old) information

- gael's video:

--> a video covering the basic usage