Hello, so far I've been developing my Inmoov Arm with a Raspberry Pi and Adafruit16CServoController. I've basically found myself trying to reimplement a lot of the functionality already provided by the InmoovArm service. However, in the master branch (Manticore release) it seems to be hardcoded to use an arduino. I've noticed in the develop branch it seems to be more flexible regarding the servo controller. However, I'm struggling to find the proper initialization procedure to create the Arm with the I2C servo controller. Attached is what I've been trying to far on Manticore. It seems to try to initialize the Arduino upon `createAndStart("arm", "InMoovArm")`. Using the InmoovArm service would be particularly useful to me since I'm also attempting to implement ik3d and the InmoovArm service already has a lot of functionality related to this. Any suggested would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Side note, I tried migrating to the development branch and creating a RasPi instance seems to be broken. Log is attached and I created an issue on the github. https://github.com/MyRobotLab/myrobotlab/issues/557