InMoov2 with Version !

After UI change, and 
java -jar myrobotlab.jar --install-dependency fr.inmoov inmoov2 latest zip
and restart I get

Goodtimes !


It looks cool - and its pretty awesome that each part is a button - but what are the buttons functionally supposed to do ?  What does a glowing leg button do ?

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I think it could be used to test that the leg is well configured, for example. To execute a gesture at low speed to not break anything and verify that it works, maybe.


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@Grog, Astro, the glowing

@Grog, Astro, the glowing "cool" body parts are not supposed to be buttons. They will show the user if a body part is Activated.

I have currently set them as buttons for you to see their positionning and how it looks like. But they will be linked to the ON/OFF buttons of Activated body parts. I just didn't find the way yet how to write that piece of HTML. Any help is welcome ;)