I have been running mrl for several months and all is well with it. I can edit the config files and set up my servos.

I want to move on to InMoov2

In what directory are the config files in inmoov2 to edit min max rest  etc for the servos

For example the head?  

I have tried editing the files in C:\mrl\myrobotlab\resource\InMoov2\config\ skeleton_head.config.default but the changes do not show up when I start the program using START_Temporary.bat





2 years 1 month ago

Hello jcooper24,
If you want to experiment with InMoov2 - the latest is in the Nixie branch.
The jar is available here 

However it will not be using the same configuration system and previous InMoov.
The idea was to configure it through the web gui.
Lots or work need to be done ... (ie its just started)

Ahoy Grog,

Thanks for the .jar.

I have been working with it for awhile now. I can move the servos.

I have not been able to set min and max for the servos.

Also when I do try and do an export all I puts null,null in the values ie: head_rothead.setMinMax(null,null)

in the file myConfig.py.

Should this work?