Gael first brought it to my attention that the InMoov model v5 was missing from Nixie.
Grrr how did that happen ?
It took me a couple days but I figured it out

kwatters and I did some work to make lwjgl "3" library work ... (Oculus & JMonkeyEngine play nice and modern together)
It's worky, but one of the requirements is that JMonkeyEngine switches to jme-lwjgl3 (vs jme-lwjgl )
We got that to work ... but 5 years ago someone put in a hack into the jme-lwjgl3 to get it working for a Mac

Here is the hack that broke things 

For a mac ! grrr

It replace code which always before would spawn a new thread .. this hack code - traps the current calling thread which prevents it from doing anything else - like loading models and assets !

Spawning a thread as the old code used to - makes things work again ...

I probably should do a pr against their repo...


1 year 5 months ago

Thanks Grog for looking into that issue!

I am currently not able to test to see if it's worky but when ever I can I will.

Do you know if the JMonkey servo (via Intro page) is also working now?

I remember that in june 2020, when ever I would load the virtual servo and later would load virtual InMoov, they would both appear twinkled into each other in the same JMonkey window.

I would expect that virtual servo would let its place to the virtual InMoov when loading it and vice versa.


I just installed the latest 1.1.370 to test virtual inmoov, but the InMoov2 service is hanging because of some error with programAB dependencies. I have sent a noworky to let you see the issue.

I tested the virtual servo and it is worky. Cool!

The repo for dependencies was down - I fixed that ..
At the moment (it can be changed)
but when doing a myrobotlab.jar --install it will check for the "latest bleeding edge inmoov2 and programab" deps...  if it can't get to the repo .. it gets mad

Using the latest link (even though the build is in error) I get a full install back ..
and it looks like the sim is worky for me ..

The merging of models I can believe .. there is no "removal" of models at the moment ...

Indeed, the full install of InMoov2 is worky now!


Testing furthermore with VinMoov, I noticed the leftHand.thumb throws an error, possibly the rightHand.thumb might do the same... I have sent a noworky just for the sake of it.

It reminds me of last year.

It seems like it is an older version of VinMoov5 in which the thumb had other names.

At the moment I have no access to my JMonkey files to check that.


I tested with the latest VinMoov5.jme and I still get the same error.

It seems more serious because the fingers do not curl at each knukle anymore, so I suspect there is something broken in JMonkey.

Ya I got stiff fingers ...
On the good side ServoMixer is worky .. it should save poses too .. sequencing isn't done though ..