The servo's (left hand) are working mnualy, but not on speechrecognition.

I use an Arduino Uno and the

Here are some screenshots


Befor executing





8 years 5 months ago

Hi ricoldw,

Welcome back !

Step #1 - Make sure Java & Microphone are happy.  Easy way to test this.

Start an AudioCapture Service.

Then press "Capture" ... talk out loud for a little while.. then press
"Playback" - When you press playback this is what InMoov is listening to.
Can you hear yourself or no?

Use version 1695 for and


that's why I use the older version. Is it possible to use 2 versions (start it from an other directory (map))??


download is ready, now updating latest . I'll enjoy my favorite beverage later (tonight!)



8 years 5 months ago

MRL didn't show anything after updating, had to start MRL, because after updating it closed.  (is this right?, If so,is it possible to give a message after updating in the future?)

Grog, can you tell me what script will work??