InMoov with temporary wheels

I build up a simple mechanism system with three wheels for my InMoov to be able to move around before getting some legs, I felt a little left behind seing all the InMoov clones with wheels.

Believe it or not, but InMoov is driving around with a simple servo motor, Don't expect to do your jogging next to him though. :)

Betweeen the wheels you can see the screen for the Odroid U3 So InMoov can move around with voice commands or by keyboard.


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wvantoorn's picture

Wow gael! Looking mighty

Wow gael! Looking mighty fine, maybe thats the way to go forward!

where did you get those wheels?

next show, mucho inmoovs riding around the fare!

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Hopefully ...

Hopefully dexkuzia/Alex will publish its forked InMoov as OpenSource. The new body with legs is nice.

But I am not sure, if its InMoov can go. Currently existing only the one picture, where it stands. No video or other thing. And the last activity of Alex seems to be 2.5 weeks ago.

GroG's picture

Great design Gael !  Looks

Great design Gael !  Looks very good.

Is it stable when the arms are out ?  The nice thing about a small platform is that its very maneuverable, the challenging thing is currently there is no "active" balancing in InMoov .. so that changing loads on a platform with a small footprint can cause tipping or falling..

You are also the master of Servos .. like Amby is the king of cardboard :D

But an H-bridge like the ones Mastablaster use and a DC windshield wiper motor with an encoder provides more torque, more power, more speed, and more control.

Great work Gael .. hope to see it in action !

hairygael's picture

It is stable even with the

It is stable even with the arms straight forward, although I didn't try to add weight in the hands to see if it falls forward...

You are correct, an H bridge is definitely something to use for a faster and stronger motor.

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Superb looking design...

Wow Gael.... Your InMoov looks great with these wheels... Superb design... Kudos.... I agree with Greg, a 12v windshield motor and active balancing with a small IMU (like MPU6050) will greattly improve the performance and stability.... Great work!!!

P.S... If you add a bicycle handlebar type thing on this... It would more look like a robot riding a Segway... :)

hairygael's picture

Thanks borsaci, the segway

Thanks borsaci,

the segway style is the next step, but not only the style, a real DIY segway will be used.

bhouston's picture

Very nice!!!

Nice clean look. Details? I put some ultrasonic sensors in my base so it can move around freely without bumping into anything.

hairygael's picture

I haven't used ultrasonic

I haven't used ultrasonic sensors yet, I certainly will when I get a moment. Are they easy to implement into MyRobotLab?

Mmmh, I forgot that you use the EZ board, so it's different.

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Motor controller

I used a Sabertooth 2 X 12 motor controller and 2 -12VDC motors. The sabertooth is much easier to hook up than an H-bridge -just 2 wires from to controller.

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Servo Specs

Great Job Gael!

What servos do you use? Do you use gearbox or the servo directly? I am doing a platform for my InMoov too, but I am using stepper motors. I havent finished the prototype yet so I dont know if the torque of the stepper motors are enought. I am using Nema 17 (5Kg/cm torque) with a gearbox of 1:4.5 relation and 15cm diameter wheels.