InMoov talks to itself

I'm building an InMoov and have a problem with MyRobotLab where it hears it's own voice and responds to it. For example:

Me: Say what is the time

Inmoov : What is the time

Inmoov : The time is 4:43pm

Inmoov: Is that a fact

It seems it does not consistently stop listening when talking. Any ideas?

Ray.Edgley's picture

You need a link between the ear and the mouth

You may need to add a link between the Speech Recognition service and the Text To Speech service.


# shutdown microphone if robot speaking
The above is an extract from the Service page.
In the example from the page,
The Sphinx service was called ear and the TTS service was called mouth.
In both examples, there is a link connecting the Speech Recognition service with the TTS service to prevent the Speech Recognition from talking to it's self :-)