Inmoov talk

Hello, I am a Turk and I want the InMoov Robot to speak Turkish because I am a Turk, but somehow I could not find where to change the sentences. Can you help me?
respectfully Aegean ...
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Inmoov do math

Hello everyone. First a big compliment for this great platform myrobotlab. I am an absolute beginner when it comes to robotics and programming, but I was able to find my way around very quickly and create my first own gestures. But now I have encountered an insoluble problem for me. I would like Inmoov to do the math in one gesture. How can I tell him the numbers through his ears that he should then calculate? Is there a list with the valid commands such as chatbot.getresponse () and what do they do? I am thankful for every help.
Many greetings
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It's in the .aiml files -

It's in the .aiml files - there is a more lengthy explanation in your latest post.

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In Nixie - the Locale can be

In Nixie - the Locale can be set ..
But there currently is very limited support for Turkish

In Manticore version of MyRobotLab ..
There are language packs with the following supported languages...

There's nothing preventing you to copy and paste en/English and making a new tr/Turkish then translating the contents ...  regretfully I cannot do it, because I am not that talented.