InMoov StrawMan

Look familiar ?  Ya it's Me !  I'm in Sketchup.  After talking with CupOfTea & wkinne the consensus was wkinne wanted me to print out kinect coordinates into a excel spreadsheet.  And that got me thinking about a previous experiment I did a long time ago.  The stadiametric "Find My Toolbox" .  Why use excel when I can do protractor measurments on 3D !!  .. I currently have MRL output ruby code which can be input into SketchUp.  WhooHoo Rube Goldberg Machines !

This is just one frame .. in my head I can increment one of the axis for each frame and you'd see my frozen series of animation !  Watch straw man run, jump and grab his coffee ! :D

The protractor will be exteremely useful in checking the formulas.  So far, we have come to 

dy = ey - cy
dx = ex - cx
theta = arctan(dy/dx)
theta *= 180/pi // rads to degs

This needs to be done for the second plane xz too

but it should yield angles for servo !