InMoov Self Levelling Hand

Hi all

Finally made my prototype of a self levelling hand a part of Marvin


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Great Work Juerg ! Works very

Great Work Juerg !

Works very well, now he won't spill your drinks :)  

Thanks for the excellent video demonstration.

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wow, that's fantastic!  We'll get the InMoov to serve Martini's yet...

Shaken... not stirred  :)

can you make it hold any orientation?  maybe roll the hand 90 degrees?  Hold a bottle or glass?

Great work!


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good work !

Congrat ! It's a very nice idea

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Very cool new capability,

Very cool new capability, confrats on the great work! 

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Very cool new capability,

Very cool new capability, congats!

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bending is (currently?)

bending is (currently?) limited on the connection axis between the wrist and the hand. so it can only balance the bottle on the flat hand and not with a grip around the bottle. with my adjustions however the hand got a 180 degree of rotation. we would need something like a ball joint to simulate all axis of freedom as our hand luckily has :-)  things to think about.

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Hand and arm design

I have been thinking about this problem, and one alternative is to move the rotation from the wrist to higher up on the arm. That way the wrist could do the waving and also have the lines to the fingers go parallell, avoiding the problem that rotation of the wrist cause. If you look at your wrist, thats the way it is constructed. The rotation of the wrist is not in the wrist but in the arm. Oh, I looked at my hand again. It can also move sideways. That's why you are talking about a ball joint. The human body is an amazing construction. Every time I try to construct something based on the human body, I get impressed, again and again.