InMoov rest position

Running Gael's simple python script my right shoulder moves to probably 20 degrees instead of my expected 90 degrees (straight down).

Got lost in trying to see where I could adjust that. 

Where would I start to see what code executes when this line triggers?

ear.addCommand("rest", i01.getName(), "rest")


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Without information about the

Without information about the script, we cant do anything, please post your script here, so we can see what you are talking about.

The more info, detailed and clear, the fastest we can help you get your inmoov up and running the way you want it to!

And Welcome Juerg

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Rest Position

Thanks for the hint.

Could you also point me to instructions how to look at the code of module/service i01?

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Hey, i01 isn't a service,


i01 isn't a service, it's a variable/instance from the InMoov service (at least that is what it is often used for).

You can find implementations in the Java code for the InMoov service in (src/og/myrobotlab/service/ <- for integrated functions or

in your script under the specific method name <- for custom functions

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the script I use is