InMoov progress

This has taken about one month of constant printing, even some all nighters.


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Multi Color

I like it man you flew through the printing process. Cant wait to see you put the motion to it.

Dwayne dwilli9013


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this look is like a super

this look is like a super heros wonderful wkinne

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hellowkinne i would like

hellowkinne i would like follow your building inmou

thank you  have you do a blog or website for follow you

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Ardi Mounts

The enclosures look kick ass for the Arduinos. Those your design or you pull them down from Thingiverse.

Really like the clean layout look. When I do my wire routing and what not you can bet it will be nutted.

Awesome Pics keep em coming.


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Awesome Sauce

Keep em coming. Looks good cant wait to get mine to that point.