InMoov plays Virtual "Craps"

Just a first experiment using Blenders Game Logic Physics to allow Virtual InMoov to interact with objects.


Hiscore :-

Worked out how to make cubes lie flat on surface

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The elves loved this

The elves loved this ! 

Firing up Blender now...

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WORKY ! - Yay ! .. need to

WORKY ! - Yay ! .. need to plum some bridges now 

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One small dice roll for Giant.....

One small dice roll for Giant leap for "Blendering Elves".

Nice one..... yes a "Troll Bridge" would give the little guys an easier crossover ;-)

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Oh Sir Gareth, I genuflect

Oh Sir Gareth, 

I genuflect to your very strong Blender-Fu 

What links might you suggest to a yellow-belt student


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Blender/Python/GameLogic_Fu Dojo

Best Tutorial Dojo videos I have found on Blender/GameLogic/Python are :-

Sci Fi Animator

Arsenal rsl (his audio is crap however he is very exact with his tutorial

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Thank you ! Found a new

Thank you !

Found a new object to play with .. the bpy - which I guess is the interface for python to blender...

With it I believe you can programmatically create the logic bricks Yay!

At the moment I have only mutated the everpresent "cube" with["Cube"].data.vertices[0].co.x += 1.0

Its becoming more and more distorted each time I run since its state remains I assume for the length of time Blender is running.

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Amazing great job!!

Amazing great job!!

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Working on Snooker now - and..... the speed is fine

Just a fews test to prove interaction with objects....