Hey Guys :)

So I have the hand and lower arm built for my Inmoov robot and have connected up the wirst servo to pin 7 and a external power source so my arduino would not crash. I am running everything on com3 and have the ability to move everything from the inmoov right hand wrist slider but when I do a voice command i get zip movement.

I have no clue what is going on here. I am new to MRL, Python and this was my first try at everything! So I am a newbie to the full extent lol. Do you think I need to change how I am sending the info over? I mean the connectino seems ok becuase it moves from the system when I use the slider.

I have also made sure to confirm the voice commands and MRL will confirm my command after i say "yes", "yeah" e.c.t.

UPDATE: I got this to move with voice commands, I wrote my own script. I am now seeing errors like this.

191292 [Thread-8] ERROR class org.myrobotlab.serial.PortRXTX  - ===stats - dequeued total 1000 - 1000 bytes in 1443029448673 ms 0 Kbps
199645 [Thread-8] ERROR class org.myrobotlab.serial.PortRXTX  - ===stats - dequeued total 2000 - 1000 bytes in 8353 ms 0 Kbps
It is also beeing crazy and activating on it's own, and sometimes it just wont reconize a command that is in the script.