InMoov Nervo Board update

I've been re-wiring my InMoov(s) here with the Nervo board from Gael.  Here's a couple photos that are showing some of the progress.  I've been very happy with how easy they were to assemble, and the make the wiring much cleaner that what I had before.


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Mats's picture

Looks good

It looks good. Much better than loose cables. Thanks for showing.

MdG_NL's picture

Cool and it looks nice and

Cool and it looks nice and clean now.

And nice to read your comment that you are happy with this "Nervo Board" upgrade

I hope to see you soon (Maker Faire Paris ?)




kwatters's picture

Nice Design!

Hey Marten!  Nice job on the Nervo board design!  I'm still assembling but it's working out great so far!  When I've got more time, I'll write up a bigger review of them.  I'm not sure if we'll make it to the paris faire this year, but we did sign up for the San Francisco one to help represent on the west coast of america :)