InMoov Nervo Board

Leon and Marten from the Nederland did a great job. They had already welded all the components on the board to make it easier for me to mount it on the robot.

Of course the task was heavy because I had to dismantle all what was previously working and that a day before the Paris MakerFaire which was risky...

I had to create new printed sockets to hold all the mini Nervo boards in the various endings.

The model I'm showing here is not the final product, we still need to make few modifications, like adding the PIR connectors and getting the Stomach parts to be also connected to the correct pins.


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wvantoorn's picture

Damn Gael, that looks really

Damn Gael, that looks really good, very professional, and is a great part for the inmoov, goes from hobby robot to pro in an instant.

good luck in paris at the fair, and if you are in enschede know that the latte machiato or cappucino is ready.

GroG's picture

Looks Great Gael ...  (I like

Looks Great Gael ...  (I like the labeled ribbon cable too ;)

The cable transitions on the shoulder are very nice..