InMoov Leg Movement



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Great video Gael !  - Very

Great video Gael !  - Very exciting progress ! :D

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Awesome work Gael!

I loved seeing the calf design you came up with!  I can't wait to see it working!!!

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Great progress

I'm really glad to see your leg designs progressing, Gael. 

What nervo board are you referring to?  I have Marten's nervos in both sides, with the little boards being used too, as in your standard design. 

The video appears to have a motor driver in the pic. Which one did you use? I gather you've connected two led acids in parallel.  Is that correct?

Do you have instructions as to where to attach that to the main boards and which little boards to use?  

Thanks for your on-going dedication to this awesome and important project.'s picture

great work

great work