inmoov eye cam vs yolo

hello ...i am building INMOOV and ,,i am starting the eyes installation ,,and i already bought a LifeCam 3000 HD Microsoft for head traking,,,,,the question is : should i buy and install a second cam for YOLO aplication for objects recongnition,, right now 

is the aplication ready to use .....if yes i will do every thing in one time an order a second cam 
thanks ......
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Hi martoys1, I think a single

Hi martoys1, I think a single webcam is enough, because yolo is integrated as opencv filter. So you can launch multiple filters on same time, on demand.

OpenCV is actually WIP until the Nixie release, but some things can be tested

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single cam

thanks very much or the answer...i will begin with 1 cam ....i tought it took 2 cams to run the 2 differant programs ..(face traking and YOLO) at ther same time

how does face traking works is it a MRL suported app to ???