InMoov as Dr. Octopus .. mmmmmm.....

Festo Trunk + InMoov =



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We could do that pretty easy

We could do that pretty easy I would think. It looks like it's running some strings like the fingers for InMoov to the 3 plates with the Festo name on them. So 3 sides of the arm with 3 strings each, one to each name plate. So 9 motors pulling in the base. The control mechanics would work kind of like the calculations for a delta robot like in the Rostock printers but with more joints along the length of the tool arm. Delta arm, mounted to a delta arm, mounted to a delta arm. 3 sets of polar coordinates. Then you have to add some more stuff for the claw end affector. Reminds me of another print I wanted to do (even more now that I've actually played Portal).

Although this one just uses servos as a 4DOF arm.

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I remember you shouting the

I remember you shouting the link to this cutey..   I've thought that a gantry bot would be great for an experimentation platform.  Instead of being "mobile" and always plagued with battery charging issues - if you had the camera & arm & X Y gantry - with Z telescoping arm you use a PSU and the tether would not be in the way...

Festo seems like a dream company for me.. the things their R&D come up with realy are "Quality" !  Love'd their Airship Penguins too.  

The Festo arms seems like it would be made for "printing" a bazillion little spinal parts with cords and 3 motors at the base.  I like the tendon manipulators, because you don't get charged for the weight of the motor if its not part of the arm, when lifting loads.  The creating of the spine seems like it would be pretty easy to if you were proficient at blender or some other cad.  step 1 - create first spine - reduce by 2% - copy paste - lather - repeat...

Need a gantry, doctor Octopus helper !