InMoov command confirmation "bypass"

Hi Grog,

Is it possible to have a command within the InMoov script that does not need to be confirmed before the program carries out the command?

One command that I would like to create would be "STOP", so that if the robot is heading for trouble I can stop it's motion very quickly.




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Sounds like a great idea

Sounds like a great idea Bob...

I just added one called bypass...

ear = inMoov.getEar()
ear.addCommand("rest", inMoov.getName(), "rest")
ear.addCommand("stop", inMoov.getName(), "stop")
ear.addCommand("close hand", inMoov.getName(), "handClose", "right")
ear.addCommand("capture gesture", inMoov.getName(), "captureGesture")
ear.addCommand("manual", ear.getName(), "lockOutAllGrammarExcept", "voice control")
ear.addCommand("voice control", ear.getName(), "clearLock")


in this case stop & rest commands would both not need confirmations....

and I just realized I've added it to the latest Sphinx which is many versions past the one which 1695 uses.

Since MRL services are like blocks, I've come to the realization that the old 1695 InMoov needs to be put into the latest release.  And the latest InMoov service needs to be called InMoov2 - this way everyone can move over at their convienence to InMoov2 and fixes or enhancements (like bypass) will benefit both InMoovs.

So, if you want to test InMoov2 and use the new bypass functionlity get the latest - if you want to use the old InMoov and use bypass, you need to wait until I can put it in the next release.