Hello everybody!

My name is Antonino and my students and I are building a InMoov robot in our secondary school. We have built the head and everything works properly. Now we are trying that Inmoov speaks Spanish. Inmoov can speak in English in webgui and MaryTTS but we would like our robot to speak Spanish.

Is it possible?

Thank you very much


6 years 8 months ago

If you use AcapelaSpeach, then you can choose between several Spanish voices

You can find different voices here: 


A small Python example script to test 3 different voices


speech = Runtime.createAndStart("Speech","AcapelaSpeech")
speech.speakBlocking("Hola Mundo")
speech.speakBlocking("Hola Mundo")
speech.speakBlocking("Hola Mundo")


6 years 8 months ago

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Thank you for your answer,

this week I'm going to try with the students and I will say the result.

Thank you again


6 years 8 months ago

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I forgot one thing. If you use Spanish letters you need to write a u before the textstring, like this:

speech.speakBlocking(u"hablar español")


Thank you again, but myrobotlab doesn't speak yet.

The script creates the audio file in the \myrobotlab\develop\audioFile\AcapelaSpeech\Maria folder and I can play the file in windows media player. The speech works fine, although nothing sounds when I run the script.

Do you know what my problem is?

Thank you very much

Do you get any error messages in the log ?
Can you get sound from MRL in any other way? For example recording and playing using the AudioCapture service ?

Thank you and sorry,

I was using an old version. Now, everything works fine. Thank you for your help.