Info for Grog to help me with a InMoov adaption

My wires are currently a mess as I need to use long servo extensions to go back to my two arduinos. This is the standard InMoov setup as per the service page, and I think with some work it could be neater, as Gael has managed to do with ribbon cable. I'd like to try to use two Adafruit 16 port servo boards to accomplish this. it also gives me more ports to play with in the long run. To keep things simple, I'd like to just keep everything else in the Inmoov service (and "" script) the same as possible. So I'll still use 2 arduinos, although I could go to one if I use these servo boards in the long run.

So the idea is to get the servo left servo board to handle pin 2-11 that are usually handled by the left arduino, and do the same with the right servo board and the I'd like to handle the head servos with the left arduino, like it does now + plus the 3 eye servos and mouth/jaw servo. 

I'm fine with using the same pins on the driver board as I would have used on the arduino.

they have 0-16 available, but for consistancy I'll match the InMoov plan:


group part name   pin rest min max
hand thumb   2 0    
index   3 0    
majeure   4 0    
ringFinger   5 0    
pinky   6 0    
wrist   7 90    
arm bicep   8 0   90
rotate   9 90 40  
shoulder   10 30    
omoplate   11 10 10 80
head neck   12 90 20 160
rothead   13 90 30 150
mouth     12 right arduino      
I2C     4 & 5 Analog       


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