Incubator Auto - Update - Success !!! Now with Live HeartBeat !!!

Overheated !  (it's hot today and it doesn't help!)

Started again : Remote Oscope in progress - simultaenously logging to ThingSpeak

This is a live data feed !  Hmm thingspeak says temporarily unavailable - hmm I think I sent too much data :)

I attached an Arduino to the Incubator - It's sampling Analog pin 5 at 57K - although ThingSpeak only accepts data at 5 second intervals - I have a wire stuck in the pin so you can see the variable reading.  THE HEARTBEAT ! - irregular but ALIVE !!!!  

Version 1186 - 2 hours 38 minutes and 2 seconds .. AND ALL IS WELL !

Alive for 1 hour !  Alessandruino had a great idea - he suggested that when it has problems (testing the Python scripts or doing other tests) it should report the problem to the web site, where an elite group of Fixer's can repair the problem !   Brilliant !  Additionally I was thinking of trying to get vital signs monitored in ThingSpeak !

More Success ! - It's now Daemonized !  It's now running in the background on Incubator looking.. Looking.. LOOKING for UPDATES !  Muh ha ha ha !

Success ! - MRL can now run continually - poll google for updates - when it finds an update it will download and restart itself.  This is good, now there will be the latest version of MRL continually running on the incubator.  The next step is to get it do some simple integration tests, then start Cortex !

Now at least in this context is will be running as a service..  looking for updates, and testing other services like Cortex.  Now I hook every piece of hardware I can find to it !

I'm lazy and MRL is convient in that the Incubator currently is running in a headless ssh session on a Linux machine, and one of the easiest ways to do things (like start the Auto-Update Process) is to attach from a Windows laptop.

The Incubator currently is running 3 types of services -  Runtime, Python & RemoteAdapter

To do script processing you just type it in the remote script console.

I started the Auto-Update - and it successfully updated (WOOHOO) - but in the process of restarting .. it didn't restart (BOOHOO)  .. chicken before the egg problem :P

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Wow...amazing progresses...

Wow...amazing progresses... ok...i'm ready for the change...i got the last bleeding edge can i turn on auto-update? :D

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That's exciting, I have not tried it on Windows..!
Did the CMOS come for your other computer?

On WIndows - modify the myrobotlab.bat file to include -autoUpdate, if you run it headless (without gui GUIService) then I usually find it convienent to have -logToConsole on too...


start javaw -Djava.library.path="libraries/native/;libraries/native/"  -cp "libraries/jar/*;libraries/jar/*;libraries/jar/*;" org.myrobotlab.service.Runtime -service gui GUIService python Python -logToConsole -autoUpdate

Arrghhh ... Incubator overheated again :P


[ 4489.889556] CPU0: Core temperature above threshold, cpu clock throttled (total events = 1)
[ 4489.889564] CPU1: Core temperature above threshold, cpu clock throttled (total events = 1)
[ 4489.892075] CPU1: Core temperature/speed normal
[ 4489.892078] CPU0: Core temperature/speed normal

It was pretty busy sending 2X the amount of Arduino data to the PC GUI & a SSH session..  I'm sure it had to do with 1. the fan is not very good on my cpu 2. it was a hot day 3. its sending a constant stream of data X2 (one to oscope and one to ssh session)

Need to find a way for better cooling - I'd like to keep it quite .. the incubator tank is starting to look good


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I modified my myrobotlab.bat

I modified my myrobotlab.bat file, but MRL doesn't  auto-magically upload... I sent you a no-worky file if it could help you