It looked good "initially"

But Then..... there's a skewe....

I'm guessing a bump in the X or Y acess which was propegated over all pieces of a certain height..

I noticed that one of the pieces appears to be very close to the same height as where the skew starts... wondering if somehow the finishing of one piece effected everything else .... hmmmmm

All pieces under the height of the skew should  be fine.. but I'm thinking the long screw is screwed... maybe it doesn't matter with some of the other pieces?  dunno .. assembling would determine it .. 

Sticking to one piece prints now...

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had something the same

hi , grog


i had something the same, when i first go my makerbot replicator 2, turned out to be a simple problem, a belt was over tight, best way to check is to see how much force it takes to stop the head from moving,


should take a bit to make the motors stall out,


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Thanks JHack, I'll try that -

Thanks JHack,

I'll try that - we noticed the sprokets have started to squeak.. maybe needs a lube?

Anyway, I managed to print a single long bolt before leaving it - and "surprise" - it printed fine :P 

Seems like analogous to a a boiling kettle..  A watched printer never goes wrong, but as soon as you walk away :P

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Not the kind of thing you want to wake up to. One strange thing is that the shift is gradual over a number of layers and then stops. Not one big jump like a skipped belt.



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Yeah, dunno what happened, I

Yeah, dunno what happened, I see the usefulness of a camera which is recording - if I intend to do anymore unattended print batches..

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skew - OK



Your skewed parts looks like a simple fix with a dremel, file and exacto. If you used ABS then after you trim to make them work a few brush strokes with acetone on the plastic will repair and seal. For fill you can take some of your waste plastic and melt it in the acetone. A ceramic cup works for hold this goo while you make it. You then brush a gooey ABS into and over rough areas. It dries VERY FAST!

Glad to see you got a production printer!

Happy New Year !


Pittsburgh, PA

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Wow, that's great info Brian

Wow, that's great info Brian ...
Nice to have a technique to fix parts

The Replicator 2 only prints PLA though, but its good to have some repair ideas...

Happy New Year !


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Happy New Year!! Sorry to see

Happy New Year!!

Sorry to see this, so much plastic wasted.

What "new" said could be the reason, if not, another thing I was thinking is:  when you fill the plate with parts it is possible that one of the part required the head to go slighty beyond it's maximum point, once the part was finished it just continued straight up again but it had lost steps on the belt.

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Happy New Year to You too

Happy New Year to You too Gael !

I think it was caught on something like garbage plastic from the head which got glued to an edge and hardened - then the printer came back to it and it pushed the belt ....   just a theory...

I can see the possible use of a camera watching the printer - like a security camera, where if you need to you can go frame by frame to see what happened during the crime !

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found old print

hi, i found one of my old prints that had same problem.


the prople was the y small belt, two things to look for is it beeing to tight and/ or rubbing on the motor bracket, some people mite say you need the belt as tight as you can get it, but its a timing belt and as long as its tight so the teeth done slip its ok, proplem is if its over tight i use so much force to move the head and then the little rubbing when it moves over a part can make the motor to stall for a step.

hope this helps.

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Ahahah .. looks familiar

Ahahah .. looks familiar :)

Ya I think that was it - but it was the print head hitting against one of the many pieces in the batch job.

After this incident, it has  been printing fine - no more skewed parts (just clogging) :)