i2c OLED displays and i2c multiplexer services/service changes

Hello, has anyone that is on seen a MRL service for running OLED displays via I2C and a follow up question has anyone written anything to use an i2c multiplexer? I am currently experimenting with the sad1306_128x64_i2c code from adafruit but would like to be able to control them from a service in MRL biggest issue I am running two OLED displays with the same i2c address, thus the need for the i2c multiplexer

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OLED and I2cMux

Hi Kyle

Happy to see that you want to use i2c from MRL, since I spent much time this spring to make the i2c protocol easily available from MRL. You can use i2c either thru the Arduino service or the RasPi service if you have a Raspberry PI. 

I created 5 different services that can be used directly.






The last service is the one you reqested to be able to use several i2c devices that you can't change address on. 

I ordered a similar i2c device as the one you have a few weeks ago, but I think it's still on a boat from HongKong. 

If you develop in Java you can use the Adafruit16CServoDriver service as an example, since it only writes.