I am Chinese ,this speech and speech recognition isn't suit of Chinese.so I want replace those module with my DIY's module.What should i do?


6 years ago

Hello Maiff, & Welcome!

  MyRobotLab is written in Java, so if you have Java code that can do speech synthesis for Chinese  (manderin/cantonise/other?)  then it should be pretty easy to integrate.  Just create a subclass of Service and implement the SpeechSynthesis interface.

  There are a few examples of this already with AcapelaSpeech and the MarySpeech services...  

If it's not in java code, there are other options, to call out to webservices, or use something like JNI to call into the native code.  In either case, it's still the same to integrate..   create a Service subbclass, and implement the SpeechSynthesis interface.

hope this helps! 


6 years ago

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Whatever,Thank you a lot.let me try it.

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