I need some build assistance from the community.

 I have been searching the Google forum for help with this subject to no avail. If anyone knows the answer I would very much like to receive e-mail on the subject.

I have removed Willie's right arm for a tune up. Some of the holes in the cylinder of his shoulder rotation gear have become elongated so there is/was a lot of slop in the motion when he raised his forearm by rotating the shoulder gear.  This was the result of overdriving his arm. I do not remember now the excatct souce of that.

  In order to get a full 180 degrees of motion from his shoulder I had to modify the square potentiometer mount by effectivly rotating the square hole by 90 degrees (cutting it out to the required shape with a square jewlers file).

  I can install the pot in the parts as built, but that will give me 90 degrees of motion behind the relaxed (zero), position and only 90 degrees forward. I believe that he should have a greater range of motion than that.

  Please do feel free to contact me with a solution if you have one.

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You can always design and

You can always design and print the pot holder for the correct orientation but you are then stuck with that. I recall seeing a user named Mayaway that posed a design on THingiverse that accepts the square pot and allows for adjustment via a rotating collar. Can't find it right now but I believe there is a solution to this out there. 

As another option you could purchase the round pots and use those. That will also allow for adjustability.



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Search in Thingiverse for "Inmoov square pot" I have printed out all of these and used them effectively.

Mickey Lib