I can't start InMoov


I have problem with starting InMoov with MRL.

Some error occured:

I downloaded latest myrobotmab.jar

Installed it by: java -jar myrobotlab.jar --install

if I start "java -jar myrobotlab.jar" mrl is started normally.

But when I start "START_INMOOV.bat" some errors occure.

Full log from console is there:


What is wrong?

Can we help me, please?

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updated command line args

You're seeing a problem on the "latest" build because of how the command line args are passed into myrobotlab now.  We do need to update the inmoov start scripts to accomodate that. 

We haven't tested it or bundled any of the updated inmoov scripts together.. but I did do one here:


See if that script will work for you.  It's much simpler than the previous version of the script.  You'll see the line at the end is the new updated command line args for starting the inmoov default script


good luck!  Let us know if you have other problems.  Things evolved in MyRobotLab quicker than the InMoov scripts could keep up..  Good news is, I think things are getting stable again.

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Hello, thank You very much

Hello, thank You very much for help.

But when I start with this START_INMOOV.bat all services starts except JMonkey.

This service dont start or makes errors. There is no window with robot view appears.

And log


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Hello, I suggest to use the


I suggest to use the stable version available on InMoov website, because the latest needs a lot of testing before it will be working properly with InMoov. There has been a lot of modifications in MRL larely wich needs to be stable before we start to fix the InMoov scripts.

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Thank You

Thank You