I want to try the latest version of MRL (1.0.1938) on Azul. I am currently using ver 1.0.1859. I think I read in an eariler post that you don't have to delete everything in your MRL folder. You can I just delete the myrobotlab.jar and copy in the new version? Then run mrl.bat. Now that we are using programAB, gestures, and different speech, The mrl folder has even more folders. What is the right way to upgrade?



5 years 9 months ago

It's always much better and easier to install MRL in a new folder. It will save you a lot of "why it's not working" and "what's happening". It will also help you to keep all your hairs.

I suggest you to keep your script, gesture or bot folders in a directory outside of MRL and link those directory in your script.

for myself, I use a folder that is sync between all the computers that can use or test my inMoov so my scripts/bots are always the same on each computer

take a look at the 30 first line of my script to get inspired. It work great for me.


and on each computer, I always install MRL in a new folder.

I used your advise and started with a new folder.  Running ver 1938 am not having very good results.  I changed the arduino code on both the mega and uno to mrlcomm version 54.  On startup both boards connect and the hands, arms, head all move at startup.  Saying a voice command like relax worked, 2nd command arms forward only the right arm went up,  then after awhile the left arm goes up.. Saying relax again, the right arm went down but the left arm is still up.  Asking the time or any command the results are in very slow motion.  I am running the same code that I was running on the previous version.  This is pretty much Gael's script.  I rebooted the windows pc running windows 7 and repeated the same results. Hope this information is useful.