How open is iCub?

Do anybody know, how open the toddler humanoid robot iCub is?

On their homepage stands: "an open source cognitive humanoid robotic platform".
But I can't find neither the sourcecode of the software nor the plans for the hardware.
If it is realy opensource, then possibly some ideas of it could be integrated in InMoov and/or MyRobotLab.
For example, if InMoov becomes legs, parts of the iCub software and/or hardware could help to keep its balance:

Btw: The name iCub everytime reminds me to Apple.




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Isn't it here

Isn't it here ? 

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Thanks. But contary to InMoov


But contary to InMoov the hardware of iCub is not open, right?



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Looks like GPL 2.0

Looks like GPL 2.0 -

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the robot icube is in open source

a long time ago i looking for files or stl and i never never find it

so open source yes but no files :-(((