How many blobs do you see?

New OpenCV filter  "SimpleBlobDetector" has been added.  It will watch a video stream and count up the number of blobs that it sees.  

There is no blob tracking, right now, it just tracks all points of interest so long as the new point of interest is more than 10 pixels away from an existing one.  

In the image below, I drew some blobs on a sheet of paper and held it up in front of the camera..  look at that, there are 5 blobs! 


Simple blob detector sees all 5 blobs.

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borsaci06's picture

blob hunter....


Do you think this blob tracker can track heads of people walking in herds?... from a distance... that is.. can it track number of heads entering from a big door?... 


wvantoorn's picture

cant we hack into some

cant we hack into some cameras in say wallmart, hook up blob tracking and follow someone through the mall?

or is this a breach of NSA tactics?

borsaci06's picture

blob tracking...


That is just what I was asking for... track people entering a big mall ... counting incoming heads... :)




wvantoorn's picture

couldnt facedetect filter do

couldnt facedetect filter do that, maybe with some extra adjustments? would need a pretty strong camera though, i know there are cameras that do exactly that that cost from 1000 dollars and up

borsaci06's picture

blob hunter..


hehe... I know that... I want to do it cheaper.... don not have that much money to spend on a camera... :)


Gareth's picture

Motion Tracking and depth gauge

Already I see some possibilites other than detecting pollen on a glass slide....

How about tracking spots (reflective tabs) on your arms / legs and using them for inverse kinematic  reference points.

The principle of blob tracking can be used aka wii-mote style ( four dots at each corner of a square plate) adjust the angle of plate or even tilt backwards and its possible to obtain depth info ( as dots on actual plate are fixed dimensions) .



Gareth's picture

Better example of plate theory