How to do WebGui Development

Make a directory for your work, for example c:\dev

Start a command prompt and cd c:\dev

Then clone the myrobotlab repo - you will need git for this, you can install git from here

Download the latest myrobotlab.jar from here

and put it in c:\dev\myrobotlab\src\main\resources

now in the commad prompt

cd c:\dev\myrobotlab\src\main\resources

next install dependencies - you should only have to do this once (but it might take 39 minutes ;)

Next start mrl (myrobotlab) with this command

This will start only 3 services Runtime, Security, and WebGui - it should look like this

You can use Chrome dev tools as your editor - and add the c:\dev\myrobotlab\src\main\resources\resource\WebGui as a work folder.

When you make changes - the effects should be immediate, additionally, you will be making them on the myrobotlab repo.  You must learn to use git in order to commit these changes and submit pull requests.

For example if I modified nav.html

I could run git status at the command line and it would show me what files I have modified.

This shows I have modified one file nav.html

If I want to stage this file I can
git add resource/WebGui/App/nav/nav.html

and commit it with a comment
git commit -m "updated nav.html with new css"

then push it to github
git push

You can push directly to the develop or master branch in myrobotlab - either you have to fork the repo or you are working on a different branch, and the work is submitted in a pull request for review.

I typically do this with the web interface because if you have updated your branch corretly and the pull request is without conflicts - a button appears to do a pull request.

To move to a different branch you can check it out with

git checkout {branch name}


git checkout webgui_work

you can use git stash - to temporarily stash your changes

There is lots and lots of information regarding git on the internet - videos and great tutorials.
"git flow" is worth googling too -  it describes common practices incorporating your work with other remote users.

Happy Developing !

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astro's picture

This is great. I need time to

This is great. I need time to test it.

astro's picture

Hi Grog, I need to configure

Hi Grog,

I need to configure something else, I'm lost


GroG's picture

Needed to add you to the team

Needed to add you to the team Astro-333 ;)
Invite was sent.

I'm glad to see you on the webgui_work branch.

Welcome aboard !

astro's picture


Hello Grog

I was doing things all night, I was able to solve the sidenav thing.

I went to bed at 7 am and just woke up 12:30.
I was going to continue with that and I ran this:

java -jar myrobotlab.jar -s webgui WebGui i01 InMoov2


and I see that I lost everything I had done.

I should have uploaded all the changes before executing it again right?

wanted to go further before uploading it to Git

Well, I will start again, it will still be faster because I remember a little what I did

astro's picture

No Worky

I downloaded the latest myrobotlab.jar
and I put it in c:\dev\myrobotlab

delete the c:\dev\myrobotlab\resource directory

java -jar myrobotlab.jar -s webgui WebGui

I use Chrome dev tools, but I'm not being able to edit the same way yesterday.
I don't see the changes reflected.

Activate Ultra Zoom

GroG's picture

hold on .. i'll do a video  

hold on .. i'll do a video


GroG's picture

my system crashed ... I'm

my system crashed ...
I'm not sure Astro - perhaps re-add c:\dev\myrobotlab\src\main\resources\resource\WebGui to dev tools and make sure c:\dev\myrobotlab\resource does not exist ?

I'll keep on working on a video as soon as I can get my system back online

astro's picture

ok perhaps re-add


perhaps re-add c:\dev\myrobotlab\src\main\resources\resource\WebGui to dev tools
Yes, do it several times, but nothing.

sure c:\dev\myrobotlab\resource does not exist ?
Yes. But it reappears just as Chrome opens.


GroG's picture


c:\dev\myrobotlab\resource  re-appears when chrome opens ?
it should only re-appear when webgui starts with java -jar myrobotlab -s webgui WebGui

and then you should delete it.

Make sure the Chrome/dev tools is not caching .. 

I made a video ... its very "rough" :)