Help with the sick lms500


I happen to have at my hands a ranger finder lms500 and i want to use  the myrobotlab program to view its output, i know i can do that with SOPAS but my main goal is puting the laser on a P3-AT and then doing SLAM.
Can anyone help me with that? or show the way into how to do it on myrobotlab.
Thank you.

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Hello and

Hello and Welcome mhoxha,

Thanks for posting.  

Are you a software or electrical engineer?  Are you comfortable in Java development?  Do you have any tests which you can do to verify the unit is working properly ?

What is SOPAS?  

I've seen P3-ATs before

Do you currently have access to a P3-AT ?

We would like to see your bot doing SLAM too :)

I've been looking at RGBD Slam - since its come a long way and kinects are so prevelent

If you know your unit is working I would recommend just trying the Lidar service in MRL.  
I'd be very suprised if it worked immediately (and by work I mean returned data)

in python this would be :

lidar = Runtime.start("lidar", "LIDAR")

# connect to the appropriate serial port
# Linux notation
# or lidar01.connect("COM9"); on windows..
# send a command
# this sets the mode to a spread of 
# 180 degrees with readings every
# 0.5 degrees
lidar01.setMode(180, 0.5f)
This service was created by another MRLian, but it was for a SICK LMS 200.  I can see some initialization byte streams which may (or may not) be appropriate for a LMS 500