I have never mastered moving pictures to my form posts in MRL. It seems I need a drive to save them to and then post the link to the picture of that drive. If I save pictures of my new legs to my google drive. How do I post them to the MRL form. What is the of the statement or link I need to add? Or is there a better way?

thanks, harland


4 years 11 months ago

Hi Harland,
Here is the link on how to upload pictures to your posts ...


You can bookmark it so you don't forget ... or book mark this post, because I'll explain it ..

First you have to find your picture on your computer that you want to "upload"

If I want to add a picture of a cat to this post, I press the "picture" icon in the editor here - that's the one with the little house & sun :


Then this little dialog pops up - and you want to press the upload tab

Browse to the picture file you want posted.

Hit the open button - this will give you an opportunity to adjust size if you want...
Typically it nice to have nothing over 600 px width - make sure the lock symbol is "locked"
so height adjusts with width changes.

Viola !  A Kitty !