HelloRobyn to InMoov2.0 attempt [Solved] and [Worky]

This is a first test to see if we could get the HelloRobyn script of Markus to work with InMoov2.0



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You miss

You miss :
ear.addListener("recognized", python.name, "heard", String().getClass());

Put it before the def heard() function

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Sorry , I forgot that was in

Sorry , I forgot that was in 1695

Use this :

ear.addListener("recognized", python.name, "heard")

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And of course Use

And of course

Use just


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Ah okay, I will modify that 

Ah okay, I will modify that.

But I still can use this?

ear.startListening("sorry | how do you do | goodbye | i love you")

Or should I just have



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Check your pir ports Gael

You have you pir ports defined with different numbers than the top com port numbers

Dont know if it matters but worth a look

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I got it working on InMoov 2

Got it working, here's how I fixed up the script.

Added "Helvar = 1" after start mouth

Changed all "InMoov references to "i01

Added i01 in front of "mouth.speak"

Created def armsdown():

                def lookleft():

and It Worky

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Heh, that was quick guys ..


that was quick guys .. Nice work !