Hello Robyn Inmoov



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Alessandruino's picture

eheheh :) nice Markus :)

eheheh :) nice Markus :)

bhouston's picture

That's funny

That's funny!!! Are you going to share how you did that with us?

Markus's picture

yes i can make a video how i

yes i can make a video how i did it

Alessandruino's picture

Post code !!!! :) People here

Post code !!!! :) People here learn a lot reading WORKY code :)

GroG's picture

Ahahaha !

She's getting fiesty ! :D

Great work Markus - love your humor :)))

wvantoorn's picture

I need that code markus! I

I need that code markus! I really do, i got pain in my stomach from laughing. Maybe if i could only get that to work when the dogs bark! That would be funny.

if i had a parrot, they my Will-E and the parrot would chat all day.

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Another Fine Video Markus

That's the best I was laughing so hard I nearly feel of my chair.

I can not beleive how quickly Robyn moves she is far faster than my Rob.

Love it keep them coming. I also wait to get my hands on that script.


hairygael's picture

  This really made me


This really made me laugh!!

When InMoov starts to remember things, it becomes interesting. Great video, Markus!!

I would love to test the code, just like all the others, I guess.

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Imagine somebody coming in a

Imagine somebody coming in a room and repeating something and inmoov reacts with something funny,  just tomsee their face. Or if they dont say anything to the robot and it gets upset that they didnt say anything.

would not be very hard to write with tracking, or pir or an pingdar sensor.